Trial Installations

Trial installations for setting up a new clusters

Trial Installation Options

These scripts will install the default configurations that can be used to trial the Seldon Deploy. These provide a simple way to get you up and running to test the functionalities that we offer.


The trial installations of Seldon Deploy can be configured using a file called “dockercreds.txt”.

The location and format of this file is

DOCKER_USER=<your docker user>
DOCKER_EMAIL=<your docker email>
DOCKER_PASSWORD=<your docker token or password>     # An Access Token can be used here
GIT_USER=<your GIT user>
GIT_TOKEN=<your GIT token>                          # This is either GitHub token or Bitbucket App password
GIT_EMAIL=<your GIT email>
KUBEFLOW_USER_EMAIL=<user email>                    # The user for access to Seldon Deploy eg.
KUBEFLOW_PASSWORD=<user password>
EXTERNAL_HOST=                                      # This can be blank
EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL=https                             # "https" or "http"
KFSERVING_PROTOCOL=http                             # This should be "http"
MULTITENANT=false                                   # Restricts permissions to namespace-level. Ask seldon before using.
ENABLE_APP_AUTH=true                                # 'true' or 'false'

Use the following script to check or create an initial file to fill in.

cd seldon-deploy-install


Default Trial Installation

Default Trial Installation

Kubeflow Trial Installation

Default Trial Installation with Kubeflow

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