sd allows to control your machine learning resources in Seldon Deploy.


sd is a command line interface which allows you to access Seldon Deploy programmatically. Complete documentation is available at


  -h, --help                 help for sd
      --oidc-client string   OIDC client ID.
      --oidc-server string   OIDC server URL.
  -p, --password string      Seldon Deploy password.
  -s, --server string        Seldon Deploy server URL.
      --sso                  Use standard OIDC SSO authentication.
  -u, --user string          Seldon Deploy user.


  • sd deploy - Deploy a new version of your model.
  • sd doc - Generate the documentation for sd.
  • sd list - List model list in Seldon Deploy.
  • sd promote - Promote your model between environments.
  • sd version - Print the version number of generated code example
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