Metrics Monitoring

Metrics Monitoring with Prometheus


The analytics component is configured with the Prometheus integration. The monitoring for Seldon Deploy is based on the Open Source Analytics package which brings in Prometheus (and Grafana) and is required for metrics collection.

helm repo add seldonio
helm repo update

helm upgrade seldon-core-analytics seldonio/seldon-core-analytics \
    --version 1.2.2 \
    --namespace seldon-system \

This Prometheus installation is already configured to scrape metrics from Seldon Deployments. Seldon Core documentation on analytics covers metrics discussion and configuration of Prometheus itself.

It’s possible to leverage further custom parameters provided by the helm charts, such as: * grafana_prom_admin_password - The admin password for grafana to use * persistence.enabled - This provides the configuration to enable prometheus persistence

Bringing your own Prometheus

It is possible to use your own Prometheus instance - see prometheus section in the default values file

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