Upgrading Seldon Deploy.

Upgrading Seldon Deploy to 0.8.2

  • In installations that have restricted external access (eg. air gapped), the following image will need to be downloaded:
    • docker.io/seldonio/seldon-request-logger:1.3.0-json

Upgrading Seldon Deploy to 0.8.0

  • The sd-install script is now called sd-install-default. Or for a kubeflow install there’s sd-install-kubeflow.
  • The helm values file now has a single gitops section. This involves the following changes.

    • The recommended way to configure git credentials is in a git secret, though a token parameter to the chart can still be used.
    • The sd-install-default script contains an example of this. It is:

      kubectl create secret generic git-creds -n seldon-system --from-file ~/.ssh/id_rsa --from-file ~/.ssh/known_hosts --from-literal=passphrase="$GIT_SSHKEY_PASSPHRASE" --from-literal=username="$GIT_USER" --from-literal=token="$GIT_TOKEN" --from-literal=email="$GIT_EMAIL"  --dry-run -o yaml | kubectl apply -f -
    • skipVerifyGit, gitwebhook, GITOPS_FORMAT and argocd config have all moved from github to the new gitops section in helm values file, see documentation.

    • if your ArgoCD Application does not follow naming pattern seldon-gitops-${namespace}, please, specify the ArgoCD application using namespace labels, see documentation.

  • The contents of the helm chart have also changed. In particular:

    • The istio virtual service no longer does path rewriting.
    • Permission is now required to watch argocd applications.
    • The liveness and readiness probes are now on /seldon-deploy/api/status

Upgrading Seldon Deploy to 0.7.0

  • The deploy helm chart now contains an option to install a request logger in the seldon-logs namespace. This is on by default. Previously loggers were per-namespace. To use a single request logger installed through the chart, ensure the seldon-logs namespace is labelled for knative-evenint and that seldon core is v1.2.1 and has executor.requestLogger.defaultEndpoint http://default-broker.seldon-logs. For KfServing, if using it, the default broker will for now continue to be in the current namespace unless set at the point of creating the model deployment.
  • The helm values file has seen some changes.
    • There’s now a request logger section for installing the request logger to a dedicated namespace, if desired.
    • The istioIngress section has been renamed ingressGateway
    • There are extra options in the prometheus section for for using a secured prometheus (assumes not secure by default, as before).
    • There are extra options in the elasticsearch section for for using a secured prometheus (assumes not secure by default, as before).